ChocoPotato – McDonald’s Limited Edition

At this point a month into sales, I assume many of you have seen news articles, if not the product itself: McDonald’s began selling french fries with not one but two chocolate sauce drizzles over the top. This is a limited edition item that began in stores across the country on January 26 and was said to end in mid-February (now it is actually past mid-February, but the item is still on McDonald’s official website, so I assume it may still be in stock in some locations).


The Guardian covered this product extensively, mostly as to why. Just why. Why does this product even exist to begin with, especially in Japan, the so-called health capital of the world? (For the record, with this product, Japan officially just lost all rights to make fun of America.) It’s definitely an interesting read with a background of the fast food chain I wasn’t aware of before, but I’m here to review the food right now, not to try and reiterate what they said very eloquently.

I actually had this in the Narita Airport while I was waiting for a flight, and I almost missed it on the menu. It was tucked away on a little advertisement page they had near the register, so if you don’t see it at your branch and want to try it, definitely ask to see. My order came out shortly–medium sized fries with a packet of white and brown chocolate sauces. In the Japanese style (I’ve only ever seen this paired packet with mustard and ketchup in Japan), you press the two flat ends together and slits open on the sides containing the chocolate sauce and drizzle it–you don’t open the packets yourself (barbarians) and dip the fries (unfortunately, this makes it hard to get the last drips of chocolate out).


The verdict?

Japan needs to keep this on the menu forever. It was a seemingly odd combination, but it just worked. I couldn’t tell the difference between the white and brown chocolate, but in any case, they were also pretty darn good chocolate sauces. The warmth of the fries immediately warmed up the chocolate sauce, making it even more pleasant. It is a sweet-salty combination that can satisfy basically any craving possibly out there, I assume. PMS ain’t got nothing on this.


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