Mitsuhana: Dessert Paradise

Michihana is a newly opened dessert restaurant right down the street from Futarasan Shrine. Unlike most dessert establishments in Japan, they have a fairly large menu of different styles of sweets to choose from, as well as one savory dish of the day you can choose if you prefer.


It’s a mom-and-pop style establishment, with two teenage (I think) boys with bright blonde helping out as servers. Big Bang serenades you with their poppy Korean sound while you flip through their semi-endless menu of choices, trying what to eat.

So instead of wavering, I just decided to get a taste of everything. (Luckily their first 4 days of opening they had all their main desserts half-off. I went twice in that period. Wins for all.)

Their first 2 pages are mostly variations of traditional Japanese sweets using sweetened red beans. I ordered their everything-anmitsu, which is cubes of agar jelly in anko (red bean paste), topped with mochi, fruits, soft-serve vanilla ice cream, and with a side of black honey-like syrup (or kuromitsu, made from a type of brown sugar). This was very good, especially the ice cream, which they import from Hokkaido.


The second page features the child of dorayaki and pancakes, and you make your own little pancake sandwiches filled with butter, whipped cream, and kuromitsu. Again, nothing to complain about here.

The third and fourth pages feature their various parfaits. I initially skipped over these, but after tasting the ice cream, knew I had to try one of them, and after smelling the seasonal fruit parfait at the table next to me, knew I had to choose that one specifically. This one is fairly simple, with extremely fragrant peaches taking the spotlight at the top and in the center, paired with some whipped cream. It was delightful, as was the Uji matcha parfait that my friend ordered, decorated with mochi, a bit of fruit, and more red beans.

Finally, from one of the last pages, I had their tiramisu shaved ice, which was snowy ice topped with coffee syrup, condensed milk, and mascarpone cheese. It was perfectly sweet and decadent.


The first time I went I was served a cup of hot green tea afterwards, although I didn’t the second time. I suggest asking for it if they don’t automatically give it to you, because it tastes and feels great after chowing down on some cold sweets.

So really, all these desserts were very good with nothing to complain about. Therefore, this post is essentially here to brag about how I ate all this amazing sugar without spending even ¥2000. (Otherwise, the prices vary from about ¥400-900, with most hovering around the ¥700 price range.)

みつはな (Mitsuhana)
宇都宮市中央5-16-19 渋谷ビル1F
Open 11-6


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