Miyoshi – Giant Shaved Ice

Miyoshi is something of a legend among the prefectural office workers. For nearly a year I had heard of their fabled giant and delicious shaved ice creations, yet it took me months to actually eat there. Why?

It is located right down an alley off of Oodori, but the main issue with dining here is not the location per say, but the opening hours. While they claim to be open every day except Monday, on their door they post their monthly schedule to show which days they will in fact be open. They are also close enough to the office that I theoretically could go there on a lunch break if I walk quickly enough, however, it seems a lot of people are under the same impression, and lines form. They also close right around when work ends. I assume you see the challenge.


Luckily I got to go there on an open weekend on a hot day in the summer, so it was perfect for cold treats (they also have udon, if you’re not a sugar-lover). I ordered the matcha red bean shaved ice, and my friends ordered the strawberry milk shaved ice and the oshiruko (grilled mochi in a sweet red bean soup). While the latter was an average size, the shaved ices definitely should be shared with at least one or two people; even between the three of us, we couldn’t finish off one in its entirety. This is in part because of the size and amount of ice (you’ll be asking for more hot tea after a few minutes as your throat chills over) and the high sweetness levels–there is no shortage of sweetened condensed milk, which was great, but make sure you’re with people who have quite a sweet tooth. The shiruko was nice, but simple enough to not be outstanding. Personally, I didn’t care at all for the strawberry shaved ice–fake strawberry-flavored syrup is not my cup of tea. A popular strategy is to go with a friend and share an udon and shaved ice.


All in all, if you’re in the area with a friend or two and are craving something cold and sweet (and/or udon, apparently), this is your place–as long as they’re open.

三芳 (Miyoshi)
Open Tues.-Fri. 11:30-6:00, Sat.-Sun. & Holidays 11:30-5:30 (or so they say)



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