Nepal Kitchen

img_6595Nepal Kitchen is my favorite place for Himalayan food in Utsunomiya. Located right along Union Doori, the restaurant itself is easy to spot once you’re on the right street. Sometimes the sweet Nepalese ojisan will be out greeting you with a “namaste” as well, and even if you don’t eat there, definitely give him a wave since he’s so cute and genki.

I’ve only been there for lunch, and here is what their menu is like:


Both times I got the Delhi set. It comes with the curry of the day along with another curry of your choice (choices on the back of the menu). The first time I got shrimp, but it was a bit too anchovy-y for me. I asked for his recommendation the second time, and he said the vegetarian lentil curry matches really well with the chicken curry they were offering that day. These were absolutely fabulous. As you can see from the images, the meal also comes with a small side salad and a choice of drink (with mango lassi as an option).


I highly recommend you get naan (versus rice) with your set. Not only is each piece absolutely giant, but you also get free refills. While the little bowls of curry seem tiny (especially in comparison), it’s actually a decent size, and you can easily eat 2 pieces of naan with them. At just ¥980, this is a steal, especially if you fill up with naan (last time I ate 3).


The restaurant also has a very open atmosphere, and the music they play is lively and fun. It’s the perfect place for nearly anything, whether it’s a lunch alone or with a group of friends or even a study group.


Nepal Kitchen
栃木県 宇都宮市 西 1-1-3 MTビル 1F
Open 11:00-3:00, 5:00~11:30


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