Ease Up

Again, I came here because I got a coupon from Hot Pepper, and like the last time, I was pleasantly surprised. I would definitely come here if you’re looking for a relaxing bar setting; the food was just okay, but the drink menu was extensive and impressive. They have quite a few original cocktails, and it took a lot of willpower to only order one.

When you enter, you’re greeted with the long, narrow, and very interesting bar…


…and pass the sleeping gatekeeper…


…and up the stairs (if you’re getting food, that is)…


…up some more stairs…


…and into the very nice, plush room!


You will never forget that mojito loves Bacardi here.

Anyways, for my first drink here, I ordered their original earl gray cocktail, which was basically like alcoholic dessert earl gray. So fabulous.

For the cover charge dish, you’re given a plate of chilled duck, which is really good by itself actually, but unfortunately doesn’t match the cocktail I ordered one bit.


My friend and I ordered the fondue, which was pricey at about ¥2800, considering it still left us hungry. I’m actually not sure if I’d ever had fondue before, so I can’t consider myself an expert on it, but it also wasn’t that good, to be totally honest.


Honestly, it wasn’t worth it at all. Even if the price were under ¥2000 between the two of us, I’d still probably be complaining.

However, the drink was still awesome, and the atmosphere is also really cozy, so this would be a nice place to wind down after work or catch up with a friend at! I would highly recommend it for drinks, but so far, not food.

Ease Up
Hours: 6:00 pm – 2:00 am


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