Chambertin: Cream Puffs

This is my absolute favorite cream puff bakery, and I sometimes stop by here after work if I need a pick-me-up. They offer a wide variety of regular items, all available for a mere ¥250-450 on average, and they are so flavorful. (Sometimes I think Japanese sweets–and cream puffs in general–tend to just taste sugary and cheap, but not these!)

So far, I have had their:

Fromage (¥400), a puff puffed with cheesecake huromaju
Chelsea (¥260), flavored with caramel custard cremechercy400_000
Citron (¥260), flavored with lemonsitoron

and honestly, you should just try all of them. You can check their daily lineup here, and also be sure to pop in every now and then (or check their website) to find their cream puff of the week. One time they had royal milk tea, and I didn’t get it, and I regret everything. But I did get a good cream puff anyways, so silver linings.

And also, if anyone is looking to buy cream puff cakes, I’m accepting donations.


Open 10:30-7:00
Closed Mondays (or the day after if Monday falls on a national holiday)


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