Comida: Vegan Bento

Comida is easy to overlook, as it’s a tiny “deli” midway down Akamon-doori, but it’s also a must-eat, especially after all the end-of-year food gorging.


On the blackboard above the register, they proudly announce the following:

We do not use any animal products, including fish, meat, egg, and dairy, white sugar, or artificial ingredients. We offer foods made 100% from seasonal vegetables, beans, seaweed, and grains.

Given the size of the place (with 4 customers lining up, it was pretty giri-giri for waiting space), it’s understandable that they have a fairly simple menu:

Several small deli-style sides, one brown rice bento (take-out lunch) of the day, a donburi of the day, and a couple desserts. If you check their social media pages, you can also find that they sometimes offer other fun eats, such as Sri Lankan lunch or fresh-pressed juice (sometimes only available by reservation).


To get an overall feel for the food, I bought the bento set. Considering there was very little protein in it and I assume I’ll get hungry again fairly soon, it was a bit pricey at ¥1150 (I paid a bit extra for special fermented brown rice they were selling in limited quantities today), but it also definitely had quantity to fill me for a while. It was basically half rice, half filled with their deli sides, including potato pasta salad, a pumpkin croquette, sesame hijiki pumpkin, shredded red cabbage with mayo, a cucumber side, and fried natto (which I had thought was a peanut dessert, so that was a bit of a surprise).
Before I left, the lady asked if I would like to sample anything from the deli sides, and I also tested some mochi potato salad, which was excellent. She then topped it with their soymilk mayo, which made it amazing. (They mayo was so good I asked if they sold it; she said they normally don’t, but if I call in ahead of time, they’d be able to prepare something.)img_7621.jpg

Considering their restrictions, the food was very good. It is definitely a happy option if you’re feeling heavy or want a refreshing meal (or you know, are vegetarian/vegan and are tired of cooking yourself in Japan).

栃木県 宇都宮市塙田3-5-21
Open 11:30-5:00
Closed Sun.-Mon. and holidays


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