Your House (almost literally)

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect before entering Your House. Located right behind Orion Street along the Kamagawa River, it stands out for literally being a house. I had been wanting to go here for quite some time after seeing their subtitle “Cheese & Bistro,” but for some reason, never made around to it until the past few months. Even though I did not eat as much cheese as promised by the name addition, I was still incredibly impressed with the place.

Couch seating

First is the interior. The home-y feeling doesn’t stop at the exterior–climb to the second floor of the restaurant, and you will be either seated at a couch and low table or directly on top of one of several beds*. chano-ma is one of my favorite restaurants in Yokohama because 1. Their food is amazing, and 2. You can eat on a bed. With this place, however, Utsunomiya is making its way to be as trendy as the 2nd largest city in Japan–in terms of food culture, at least.

*I will say that I’m not quite sure how they choose who gets to eat on the beds. The first time I went, they were all occupied and I sat at a couch; the second time, they were almost all totally empty, and they still sat me at the couch. Maybe you have to ask or book in advance, because I was a bit surprised that they didn’t even ask me my preference the second time.

Where they won’t let me eat.

With atmosphere this cool, the menu could either be amazing or a major disappointment. While of course it depends on what you order, I was quite satisfied with the cuisine as well. Spanning the two times I have dined here for dinner, I have ordered the following:

焼きリンゴとゴルゴンハニーバケット添え Baked apple and Gorgonzola honey baguette
Rating: ★★★★ (Pretty darn good.)

ソーセージとチーズの揚げ春巻き チリソース Sausage & cheese egg roll
Rating: ★★ (Not bad, but didn’t stand out.)

オーシャンサラダ Ocean salad
Rating: ★★★★★ (I actually ordered this one twice–they don’t skimp on the seafood OR salad!)

牛ホホ肉の赤ワイン煮込みバケット添え Beef cheek stewed in red wine with baguette
Rating: ★★ (Good, but way too tiny.)

ハーブ&スパイシーソーセージ (Herb and spicy sausage)
Rating: ★★ (I actually forgot I ate this until I saw the pictures again. Didn’t stand out.)

ローストビーフ トマトビネグレット掛け (Roast beef with tomato and a vinaigrette)
Rating: ★★ (I forgot I ate this also.)

This is just a sampling of what they offer in their extensive menu. Unfortunately the first time I came, I forgot my phone/camera, so I only have pictures of a limited number of dishes. Honestly, most of it looks pretty good, and odds are, it is good (while I’ve had some things that were just okay, I haven’t had anything that was bad yet). Even though it’s drawing from French influence and going for a classy casual vibe, it also won’t break the bank–splitting dinners between me and my companion both times only cost us each about ¥2000, drinks included.

Speaking of drinks, I also got their seasonal (winter) hot wine with yuzu and honey, which was nice, but a bit too sweet–basically a warm sangria. They have a fairly extensive drink menu of various beers, wines, cocktails, and more–something for everyone.

I highly recommend Your House for a gathering of good friends or a later-staged date–someone you wouldn’t mind jumping on the bed with*. It also seems very popular for birthdays; the second time I came, there were literally 3 or 4 birthdays–I kid you not.

*If given the opportunity. I’m a bit salty still.

Your House
Lunch: 11:00-3:00, Dinner: 5:00-12:00
Closed Wednesdays


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