So this is one of the most unique bars I’ve been to. One of the most niche. One of the most house-party-like. I don’t even know how to tagline it in the title. I feel I should. But.

Just hear me out.

This is a bar. Established fact. However, it took me a long time to figure out the name. It’s in the same building as Cafe Do Wich (right behind Orion Doori), which I’ve never seen open–I’m not even sure if it’s in operation. I’ve seen people in it in the mornings, and think to myself, “Huh, I guess they have breakfast. I should go sometime.” Talking to the bar owner, that doesn’t exist. The restaurant doesn’t exist. Maybe I don’t even exist.

Look for this building. (Google Maps)

Poppyyy is otherwise totally discreet. There is no sign outside of the building labeling it. You just have to walk by and know it’s there–and that it’s open. Which is a bit hard to do, because it’s only open from 9 pm two nights a week. It’s VIP exclusive–but not really. It’s kind of like how Clefairy only came out to dance on Monday nights on Mt. Moon after 8 pm. It’s basically the same thing.

The decor is pretty awesome. The people are pretty awesome. The drinks are pretty…average. The bar is one of the most basic I’ve been to–he only has a handful of simple cocktails or beers on hand. I ordered the most complicated–a beer mixed with tomato juice and a bit of hot sauce. It was just okay.


But you don’t really go for the drinks–if any bar is like Cheers, this will be the one where everybody knows your name. The bartender is super genki and energetic and really just adorable. He’s super open to foreigners (interested in language exchange, too), and a lot of his decor comes from far, exotic places–like Ikea (and some America)–just take a look:





Make sure you use the restroom while you’re there to. Just take my word for it.

I’m still trying to find the words to describe this place. But I really can’t. I’ll have to just stick with the cliche “a picture’s worth a thousand words.” I hope that suffices. If not, try clicking on the Facebook link at the bottom.


Poppyyy (or Cafe Do Wich, no one really knows)

(Featured image credit: Poppyyy Facebook)


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