Yakiniku MONSTER


I could not think of a more fitting name for Yakiniku Monster, a national chain which recently opened up a new branch in the center of Orion-Doori. The interior is cool and spacious, not in the least intimidating. But be prepared for what is in the belly of the beast.

You can order individual cuts a la carte, or you could choose between 3 all-you-can-eat sets, the cheapest being a bit under ¥3000 (although you need to buy a drink, so your minimum price would be right around ¥3000). While beef is central and offers the most variety, this comes with several types of kalbi, horumon (intestines), pork and chicken–each different cuts and with different sauces/seasonings–as well as other proteins such as mini sausages hanbaagu. Each person can order 2 types at a time, as well as 1 side dish (which includes basic salads, kimchi, french fries, ice cream, and more), as well as unlimited baguette and rice. The course lasts 2 hours and is for sure worth it–as long as you have the stomach space.


Between 2 other friends, we ordered nearly every type of meat available to us, although in the confusion it was a bit difficult to tell you what was what. (I do know that the kalbi were my favorite, and a friend mentioned that the healthy chicken was one of theirs.) I apparently was the only one in the group who liked horumon, although I always have reservations about cooking it myself at yakiniku, because this is not a part of the animal you want to under-cook, but is also difficult to cook through due to its round thickness–so it may be good, but I was forced to eat more than I bargained for and was a bit concerned about my cooking skills to really say if it’s good or not. I also ordered a blueberry liqueur/lemon/ginger soda drink, which was nice but fairly sugary.

The flames at our grill were pretty intense–we were frantically passing around the tongues and the small bowl of ice (asking for a refill halfway through) between bites to keep the inferno at bay. I thought this was the reason why “monster” was in the name, but partway through, a waiter came by and slightly raised the vent above the grill, which I guess must have been teasing the flames upwards as well. Whoops.


Basically, most of the food is pretty darn good. It’s a very fair price for what it is, and I would not hesitate to go there again.

焼肉MONSTER (Yakiniku Monster)
〒320-0803 栃木県宇都宮市曲師町1-7
Open 5:00 pm – 12:00 am throughout the week



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