This is one of the “Barisuta” chains (think Saru Bari, Hibari, Shikabari), etc., and again, it’s a pretty good choice if you’re looking for some Italian. I came here for lunch with a friend last year, and it was pretty good (very affordable and tasty pizza and pasta sets).

Most recently I came here for an enkai (work party). And I got pretty drunk. But happy. So this review may have some gaps in it as far as information.

A la enkai, this was a nomihodai (all you can drink) with a course dinner (probably around ¥4000). Lots of food came out, including some bagna cauda (y’all over in the English regions will know this now as the “abomination” that is the so-called “hand salad”–Japan started that trend first…after they stole the concepts from someone else. Italy, based on the name?), oysters, lamb chops (maybe…actually I don’t quite remember anymore)*, margarita pizza, pasta (probably)*, something really cilantro-y and awesome, some sort of dessert, and likely maybe one or two other things*.

*I initially wrote this post without access to the pictures I took. So now I can confirm everything listed up there is true…with MORE. But for the ambiance of the post, I’ll keep my writing as is.

So this is turning out to be an incredibly unreliable post so far. But be assured that everything was pretty good. Especially the pizza–not sure if it was really that bomb of pizza, but I ate way more than my fair share, and convinced my drunk coworker to steal more pizza for me from our boss’s section. I didn’t think he would, but you know. Teamwork. At least I can assure you that if you’re drunk and missing good cheese, this is probably a good option for pizza for you.

Besides the pizza, what also stood out to me was one of their white wines: they only had 3 to choose from, and I want to say it was the Airen. In any case, if you go, look at their wine menu, and whichever one says “melon-y,” get that one (unless you like dry wines. Then just stick to your Chardonnay). Because normally whenever wines claim to have hints of raspberries or lemon or mango or whatever, I swear they’re all lying–nuh uh do they taste like that. Damn straight liars. But THIS one DID taste like melon, and it was AWESOME (and I’m not normally one to go for melon-flavored things). This wine was one of the reasons why this post is turning out as it is.


To sum up, as with every other Barisuta option, this one’s not going to disappoint you. Get the pizza and the wine, and add on whatever else suits your fancy to fill up on. (Oh, and the atmosphere is pretty cool too. Go when it’s warm so you can sit on their patio!)

バリトン (Bariton)
栃木県宇都宮市宮町2-22 アロービル 1F
Lunch 11:30-2, Dinner 5-12
Open all week


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