Ichiriki Ramen

Ichiriki offers some pretty tasty tonkotsu ramen, and like most ramen stores, you get quite a massive bowl of it.

But wait! For just 10 cents more, you can turn that 150 grams of noodles into 300 grams of noodles!

Actually, no! It won’t cost you a yenny to supersize your meal here–you have the choice of 150g, 225g, or 300g of ramen, all for the standard price of ¥680 (extra toppings excluded).

Their standard bowl comes with some char siu, the dreaded menma (which actually aren’t too bad here–my theory that you can judge a ramen joint based on the palate-ability of their menma is holding out pretty strong), a slice of nori, chopped onions, and shredded green onion.


Besides size, when you order at the vending machine, you can customize your bowl with different types of broth (their standard soy sauce, shio, etc.), as well as add on extra toppings if you want. Once the bowl reaches you, they have a line of options to further spice things up–sea salt, doubanjiang (spicy bean paste), apple cider vinegar, your standard pickled ginger, garlic, pepper, etc., which it fun because it lets you experiment–until you’ve ruined your nice ramen broth and it’s not fun anymore.

Anyways, since this place is right on Odori (next to Mega Don Quixote), it took me a while to try it out, since I try to aim for places a little less obvious (to avoid the risk of getting customers not because of quality, but because of convenience), but this place checks out! It’s pretty good ramen at a price you can’t complain about!

一力 (Ichiriki)
栃木県宇都宮市馬場通り2-3-5 バンビル 1F
Hours: 11 am – 11 pm (closes at 10 pm on Sundays and holidays)
Open all week


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