Vanilla Dive

A dinner at Vanilla Dive is kind of like a magical journey. Like a “We’re going on an adventure, Charlie” sort of thing. It’s kind of weird, but pretty awesome, and the weirdness only makes it more awesome. I’ve only been here twice (the first time was over a year ago, and honestly I’ve forgotten […]

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Ryugetsu: Okinawan Cuisine

Ryugetsu is one of the few Okinawan cuisine restaurants in the city, and since it’s so close to JR Utsunomiya Station, I’d put off going–until we had a work enkai (drinking party) there, and I was super happy. Actually, I was super happy through and through. It’d been a long time since I had proper […]

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Ichiriki Ramen

Ichiriki offers some pretty tasty tonkotsu ramen, and like most ramen stores, you get quite a massive bowl of it. But wait! For just 10 cents more, you can turn that 150 grams of noodles into 300 grams of noodles! Actually, no! It won’t cost you a yenny to supersize your meal here–you have the […]

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Jyugoya: High-Rise Dining

For just about ¥1000-2000 (or more, if you really want to splurge), you can lunch in style with a view overlooking all of downtown Utsunomiya. Jyugoya (十五家) is located on the 15th floor of the Tochigi prefectural office building; while the floor is open to the public most days and nights, and you’re free to […]

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This is one of the “Barisuta” chains (think Saru Bari, Hibari, Shikabari), etc., and again, it’s a pretty good choice if you’re looking for some Italian. I came here for lunch with a friend last year, and it was pretty good (very affordable and tasty pizza and pasta sets). Most recently I came here for […]

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Yakiniku MONSTER

I could not think of a more fitting name for Yakiniku Monster, a national chain which recently opened up a new branch in the center of Orion-Doori. The interior is cool and spacious, not in the least intimidating. But be prepared for what is in the belly of the beast. You can order individual cuts a […]

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