Free Flight

Saturday night and looking for places with live jazz? Free Flight is one of your options. The music started at 8:30 pm, and was not empty, but not too crowded–just right. Like many other jazz bars, one of the features of Free Flight is that the waiters/bartenders all wear essentially butler outfits, complete with a […]

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Blue Agave: Hispanic Food

Blue Agave just opened up in February 2017. It promotes itself as a Mexican/tequila restaurant/bar, but it really is more Hispanic than Mexican. Their menu offers a lot of staples familiar to any American (and maybe Mexican, but I won’t try and speak for you all)–tacos, guacamole, margaritas. And also some things that will probably […]

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Kayabuki: Monkey Izakaya

It’s finally here–the famous Monkey Izakaya. It’s been featured on TV numerous times, and in too many blogs to count, such as La Carmina‘s. I was torn with going here–a bar with monkey waiters that also perform shows doesn’t sit well with me regarding animal welfare. This bar is also very hard to get to […]

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Mother Road: Burger Diner

Mother Road is a small but popular burger joint right across from the prefectural office headquarters. The interior is similar to those you’d find in America–think tiny diner meets Red Robin. Their menu has fairly extensive pickings of different types of burgers, and for those adverse to meat, vegetable sandwiches (which my friend swears by) […]

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So this is one of the most unique bars I’ve been to. One of the most niche. One of the most house-party-like. I don’t even know how to tagline it in the title. I feel I should. But. Just hear me out. This is a bar. Established fact. However, it took me a long time […]

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Marutomo: Horumon Yakiniku

First I thought it was a donburi place, then a normal izakaya, then a ramen shop, and it turns out I was wrong every time. Marutomo is a yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant that specialized in horumon, or ~various entrails~. Despite my aversion to chewy meats, I actually enjoy horumon, and hadn’t had it in quite […]

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Hachitora is operated by the same owners as Munakata, but the style is significantly different. The “cool factor” and the use of Oya stone are about the only things they have in common. It’s East Side vs . West Side. Hachitora is located in a very obvious location right outside the east exit of JR […]

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